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Ingasbo CircletsAdd the finishing touch to your outfit with one of Ingasbo's attractive circlets. Our circlets can be worn alone, to secure veils, as hatbands or as parts of more elaborate headdresses. Circlets are popular for wedding attire as well as historical and fantasy costumes.

Ingasbo currently offers thirty-two different acid etched patterns. Click the links to the left for full details on individual patterns. Many of our designs are available in several widths. Not all patterns, however, come in all widths.

Please review our Shipping page for shipping times and costs. Our FAQ page contains the most frequently asked questions we get here at Ingasbo. Do you have a question we haven't answered yet? Contact us!

PLEASE send us an email prior to purchase to insure that item is in stock and can meet your time requirements!

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Renaissance Patterns by Ingasbo Vines & Leaves Patters by Ingasbo Dragon and Mythical Beast Patterns by Ingasbo Norse Patterns by Ingasbo
Knotwork Patterns by Ingasbo Animal Patterns by Inasbo SCA Patterns by Ingasbo Pagan Patterns by Ingasbo

All circlets are available in brass or nickel silver. Nickel silver is an alloy of nickel, tin and other metals, it contains no actual silver and is resistant to tarnishing. Brass circlets do require periodic polishing to maintain their shine. All edges are ground smooth and the circlets are carefully polished before shipping.